I tend to sketch a lot of portraits and other stuff outside of the traditional and contemporary blackfella art.


Here are just two of them…


Welcome Bub to World Bear

My Aunty Kaylene used to paint these up home and sell them along with a few other relatives, they are meant to be for families who have a newborn and bring positive energy to that child. To keep it as an ongoing cultural practice these days I paint them for friends. Each one is specific to the season that child is born. In Victorian AboriginalĀ culture, we follow six season – more precise compared to the four seasons everybody’sĀ used to. This one was painted recently for a sistagirl of mine and her new baby girl. It doesn’t have a name because I believe it is bad luck for me to do so, that decision is solely left to the child when they’re old enough to name it themselves because it is there own personal bear of course. But it depicts that change from winter to spring and that beauty of new life.